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9-10 Introduction to Web 2.0 in Education (What's web 2.0? What's a blog? What's a wiki? What is this all about and what does it have to do with us?)

10:00-10:15 coffee

10:15-11:15 Blogshop

11:15-:11:30 more coffee

11:30-12:30 Development of Internet Acceptable Use Policy for Ohr HaTorah




What is Web 2.0?






• Blogs

What is a Blog?

from The Weblog Project


• Wikis



• Podcasts


What is podcasting? Ask a Ninja ...


Learn more here or here.



• Learning Objects


What is a Learning Object?

What can I do with this “object”?

How can I re-use it?

How can I “recontextualize it”?

What is it exactly I can do with it?


Here is the big answer.


I can link to it.

Alan Levine


"the real value of blogs and wikis is not the tool itself. It's what the tool enables"

George Siemens





Why Should I Care?



Yeah, but I'm a teacher ... why should I care?




Can I Really Do This?


K12 Online

Hi Darren


Teachers and staff developers have echoed this thought. I have learned more from other teachers workshop leaders and bloggers online during the last few years than I learned in graduate school. This is surely true for me. This network of teachers are incredible generous with their time, energy and ideas. The K12 online conference stands out as a watershed event. It was there then but continues to keep on giving. I use the podcasts and video presentations to demonstrate to my high school students , as well as my graduate students, how to use web 2.0 applications. They can see teachers experimenting with these tools and student work that demonstrate the effective use of technology. It also created a watering hole or if you wish a cafe for kindred spirits to meet and learn from each other.


I am sure my experience was not unique. My experience is licensed by Creative Commons and maybe used without my permission.


Stephen Fink


One (short) Presentation from the conference ...

“Using Web 2.0 Tools in a Grade One Classroom”

Kathy Cassidy, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan


Stories From The Blogosphere ...



Began on my blog

Continued on his

Our Podcast

My Blog Post - A Good Day

Anne's Reply - A Great Day in Georgia

One Drop Of Water

The Next Chapter


More Examples ...


Kindergarten Podcast

small voices (Kathy Shields, Alpharetta, Georgia)


(Another) Grade One Blog

First Grade Huckleberry Room (authour unknown)

tTis blog contains 18 audio stories, written and read by 1st graders in the Huckleberry Room. Check out the links to their Banyan and Maple stories as well.)


Grade Two Blog

Mr. Gate's Class (Mr. Gates, San Antonia, Texas)




Kindergarten, Grades One and Two Special Event Blog

A Duck With A Blog (Barbara Cohen, Corte Madera, California)

Winner of the Edublog Star Award (Convenors choice) 2006.


Grade Three Blog

Mighty Writers (Mark Ahlness, Seatle, Washington)


Grade Four Blog

The MiniLegends (Al Uptown, Adelaide, South Australia)

Link is to last years blog but has a link forward to this years blog. In Australia they have just begun their new school year, looking through last years blog will give you an opportunity to see how a class' online presence evolves.


Grade Five/Six Blog

Have Fun with English! 2 (Teresa Almeida d'Eça, Parede, Portugal)

Teresa won the EduBlog Award for best Teacher blog of the year, 2006 for her work with her students on this blog.


Grade Six Blog

Room 613 (Mike Hetherington’s Social Studies Class, Connecticut)

This is the second year Mike is blogging with his class, his first class blog can be found here.



Grade 7/8 Blogosphere

Excellence and Imagination (Clarence Fisher, Snow Lake, Manitoba

... and you have to check out the International Teen Life Project Clarence started.


Let's Start Blogging ...


Learning a new technology ...

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